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dir. Olga Bieniek | Poland, 2019 | 92 min.


'Kult-film' is a story about a group of people with a leader - Kazik Staszewski, which almost always gathers full stadiums of spectators at concerts. A story about a band whose success is largely based on an idea that became the title of the song 'Your word is true.' You can love or hate this truth, but it is difficult to pass by it indifferently. The creative power, the attraction of crowds, the fourth decade on the Polish music arena and the status of one of the most outstanding and most popular Polish rock bands in the history of this genre undoubtedly is provided by a mix of Kazik's personality and musicians with whom he works. This is a group of peculiar characters, accumulation of features and vices, but going beyond the concert scheme, it is impossible not to find their own weaknesses or strengths, disadvantages and advantages. Taking the narrative into the framework of a tour is justified by the fact that it is their natural environment, a significant element of everyday life. However, it is not always that creative and cheerful time as it may seem.

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